Raw Bar +

Freshly Shucked Oyster (6) 26

> Red Vinegar Dressing

> Natural, Lime

Cured Scallop, Spiced Pumpkin Seed, Chilli Oil 6 ea.

Chopped Kangaroo, Bone Marrow, Pickled Chilli, Saltbush 16

Dim Sum +

Duck à l'Orange Steamed Bun 9

Chicken Wonton, Aged Vinegar, Chipotle Oil 10

Shiitake & Water Chestnut Dumpling 10

Truffle & Potato Spring Roll 13

Truffle & Prawn Har Gow 13

Chilli Crab & Pork Xiao Long Bao 13

Lobster & Chive Har Gow 15

Small +

Fried Tofu, Cucumber, Fish Fragrant Eggplant, Sesame 12

Miso Poached Chicken, Black Fungus, Chicken Skin, Peanut 15

Pork Belly Ham, Roast Chilli Paste, Garlic, Cucumber 16

Duck Egg Noodles, Strange Flavour, Pork, Peanut 18

Large +

Kung Pao Mushrooms, Macadamia Nut, Spring Onion 28

Market Fish, Cha Siu Glaze, Sticky Rice, Fermented Greens (Market Price)

Pork Cheek, Blackened Cabbage, Apple Sweet & Sour 45

Aged Roast Duck, Cherry BBQ, Buckwheat Tortilla 55

24 Hour Beef Short Rib, Aged Vinegar, Roasted Leek, Salted Chilli 55

Wok / Sides +

Potato Noodle, Fermented Chilli, Carrot, Sichuan 12

Baby Asian Greens, Ginger & Garlic, House Oyster Sauce 14

Dry Fried Beans, Mustard Greens, Salted Pork, Soy 14

Zucchini, Black Pepper, Pickled Jalapeño 14

Jasmine Rice 4

Desserts +

Chocolate Parfait, Tea Tree Mushroom, Mushroom Cocoa Pops 13

Mango, Steamed Milk Pudding, Jasmine Tea, Coconut 13

Slow Roasted Pineapple, Green Sichuan Pepper, Goji Meringue 13

Salted Duck Egg Steamed Bun 6

Yum Cha Lunch Menu

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
12pm - 3pm.
Quick. Easy. Delicious.

Feed Me

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Our set menus for large groups of 8 or more.
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+ Matching wines $35pp