Pre-Show Dining Menu

With most of Brisbane’s best live music venues all a short walking distance from Little Valley, we’re the ideal spot for a quick bite before a show. Designed to come out quickly, our pre-show menu ensures you won’t be seeing a headliner on an empty stomach. 



>> Min. 2 Pax

Chicken Wonton, Aged Vinegar, Peanuts

Pepper Beef Tongue & Cheek Steamed Bun

Chilli Crab & Pork Xiao Long Bao

Lobster & Chive Har Gow

Prawn & Truffle Har Gow

Chinese Bolognese, Nduja XO Sauce, Prawn Floss

Mandarin Custard Steamed Bun

>> Those with specific dietary requirements are urged to order from our a la carte menu.


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